News update about the forthcoming Alconbury Blue Album

Single tracks from the debut ‘Alconbury Blue’ Album will be available for download from Spotify or on our website as and when we complete them. When the Album is finished, single/multi tracks  or the whole Album  will be able to be downloaded.

The Album consists of 17 original tracks  with a wide range of genres, varying from ‘Rock’, Ballads, New Orleans Jazz, Country, Semi Monologue, Tex Mex and two ‘power Ballads.

There has been a total of 21 contributors to the Album including Musicians, Singers, Composers,  Songwriters, Arrangers and Producers.


             The ‘Alconbury Blue’  Album.

This is an Album of 17 original songs which will be available to download as individual tracks/multi tracks or as the whole Album. It will also be available as a CD.

Here is a list of the tracks and info so far. *Please note * This is not the  final track running order*

       Song Title                                                Artist                    Writer & Composer

       Self Confess.                                           Terry Dean                                  Dean

      Annie                                                       Lloyd Jervis                                    Eliot

      Oh Joanna                                               Phil Birkitt                                    Dean

      Face To Face                                           Terry Dean                                   Dean

       Sadie                                                        David Jacklin                    Dean/Jacklin

      She Was Once My Wife.                        Terry Dean                         Eliot/Dean

      Dear Dad, My Father.                            Terry Dean                      Dean/Jacklin

      Run That By Me One More Time.        Phil Birkitt.                                   Dean

       I Cant Believe My Truth                        Terry Dean                       Dean/Jacklin

       Shadow                                                   Tony Besley               Coleshaw/ Dean

       Dance Me Round My life Again            Terry Dean                      Dean/Jacklin

       It’s 12.30 Again                                        Lloyd Jervis                         Eliot/Dean

       The Demon.                                            Terry Dean             Eliot/Dean/Jacklin

       I Wake Here In Your Arms.                  Terry Dean.                     Dean/Jacklin

       Snaky Hips.                                            Phil Birkitt.                       Dean/Jacklin

       Another Ballad.                                     Terry Dean                                    Dean

      That Girl.                                                Tony Besley    Dean/Jacklin/Hamilton

DeanoTel Music. UK & World Rights Reserved & Protected PRS. PPL

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Philip Birkitt at Lineside Studios’ Brigg, N. Lincolnshire. UK

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