A like minded group of musicians, singers and songwriters that have come together and formed a musical co-operative to record and promote their original songs worldwide.

Our aim is to get our originals out to prospective, established artist’s, Record Companies, Publishers and Radio Stations in the UK, Europe and the USA.

We are already on the playlist of several USA Radio Stations but will increase them with the debut album of ‘Alconbury Blue’. We are also on the playlists of the various European Radio Stations and of course several UK Radio Stations.

There are 22 of us involved in the Alconbury Blue album project, coming from all genres of music. 

Phil Birkitt, comes from a rock”n”roll background having played with several well known and respected rock”n”roll bands in Lincolnshire.  He is our drummer, one of the lead vocalists, does vocal harmonies on some of the tracks and is also Alconbury Blue’s producer/engineer.

David Jacklin is a well respected pianist and keyboard player who has appeared with many artists from the world of entertainment. He has held the position of musical director with several well known U.K. acts.  David is at home whether he is playing rock, dance or soul music and his last band was one of the top rated soul bands in Lincolnshire.  He also sings lead vocals on “Sadie”. We are privileged to have him as Alconbury Blue’s Musical Director.

Terry Dean is probably best known as a country singer but started his musical career in rock and pop.  Terry was a founder member of the award winning Haz Eliot with Feeling who won the viewer’s vote on New Faces and went on to win the Best British Country Band award at the Wembley Festival of Country Music.  Some of Terry’s previous bands were Apache, MDB and Country Shades.  Terry is the main songwriter for Alconbury Blue and also lead vocalist on many of the album tracks.

Phil, David and Terry are the founder members of Alconbury Blue.